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Here it is at last, our Third Year Group Film, Mort. This was the product of a lot of work and lot of learning this year by our group. I’ll post my production work in the coming weeks.

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Observatory Hike - May 26

Today we went on an urban hike, and saw lots of cool California architecture/plants.

It soon became a nature hike.

We ended up at the Griffith Observatory, which was closed.

And ended up hiking back the urban way.

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Exploration - May 25

Today we went out to Venice Beach.

Had a nice oceanview lunch with live music.

Then went to the Santa Monica Pier.

…and the Promenade.

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BRB, Canada

Posted 5 months ago
Is there anywhere to view the Mort animated film? I saw it at Sheridan during the 3rd year viewing and thought it was amazing. Just wanting to watch it again :)
Anonymous asked

Hey, thanks for the interest! Glad you liked the film. Unfortunately we won’t be putting it online immediately because we’re looking into the possibility of submitting it to a few animation festivals. When we do upload it though, it’ll certainly be announced here, along with some unreleased (pre)production art, so keep an eye out!

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Mort - Layout
I’ve been a bit slow on updates lately and will continue to be until the end of the semester. Everything I’m working on at this point is for Mort and it’s tough to find things to post that aren’t spoilers. For now here’s my fourth and final(ish) layout for the film.

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Mort - Character Lineup

Here’s the final character lineup for Mort! I cleaned up this lineup and did the colours.

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Life Drawing - Characters

An assignment for our costumed life drawing this semester was to take one pose for four of the costumes and turn them into character design pieces. They had to look like they came from the same production. I was focused on film work at the time so I went for a fairly simple graphic approach.

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Life Drawing - Year Three, Semester Two, Part 1

Costumed life drawings this semester! Really enjoying it. It lends itself a lot more to personality and story in the poses, both on my end drawing, and on the model’s end posing. See a whole lot of drawings here.

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Space Race - 24 Hour Film

Last week was Reading Week at Sheridan, a time when they try to organize the 24 Hour Film event. The objective is to create an entire film from scratch within the span of 24 hours. To that end I created Space Race, from 11 AM Thursday to 11 AM Friday. It’s stressful and limiting, but a cool feeling to see something come together completely to quickly. It’s definitely got some pacing issues and animation limitations, but for one day’s work I like how it turned out.